Adverse Outcome Pathway Knowledge Base (AOP-KB)

How to contribute

Adverse outcome pathways can be viewed as an organized representation of existing knowledge concerning the linkage between a chemical perturbation of a biomolecule (i.e., the molecular initiating event (MIE)), progressing through intermediate key events (KE) and culminating with an adverse outcome (AO) relevant for risk assessment.

If you are interested in contributing AOP-related knowledge to the AOP-KB, please follow the instructions laid out at the OECD Adverse Outcome Pathways, Molecular Screening and Toxicogenomics page.

The Guidance on Developing and Assessing AOPs document is the basis for all work related to contributing and sharing AOP-related knowledge. A Users’ Handbook Supplement to this Guidance has been written to aid systematic development and transparent assessment of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs). The handbook contains a template to guide AOP description and provides focused and practical instructions for developers and assessors intended to assist in identifying, organizing, and evaluating critical information on key events and linkages (i.e., key event relationships (KER)) within the AOP, as well as guidance on how to assess the weight of evidence supporting the overall AOP.